Clave 27PPR0029N

Letra Jardín

7:00 a 13:50 hrs.


  • ¡Ven y conócenos!
    ¡Ven y conócenos!

Graduate Profile

  • Use the mother tongue in oral and written form to communicate with others clearly and fluently, interacting in different social and cultural contexts; he/she also has basic English communication tools. 

  • Argue and analyze situations, identify problems, ask questions, make judgments, propose solutions, apply strategies and take decisions. Evaluate others’ arguments and evidences and may modify in consequence his points of view.

  • Search,  choose, analyze, evaluate and use information from different sources.

  • Identify and value its characteristics and potential as a human being;  know how to work collaboratively;  recognize, respect and appreciate the diversity of skills in others, undertake and do his best to achieve personal or collective projects.

  • Promote and take care of health and the environment in order to develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Take advantage of swimming as a mean of survival.

  • Take advantage of technological resources around him as a mean to communicate, learn and build knowledge.

  • Recognize different demonstrations of art, appreciate the aesthetic dimension and is able to express himself artistically.

  • In the study of maths we work with the constructivist method, applying the arithmetic, algebraic and geometric language.