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  • ¡Ven y conócenos!
    ¡Ven y conócenos!


“Welcome to primary”

This is the most significant educational stage since it comprises the longest period of basic education, so that collaborative work among students, teachers and parents is essential to the success of children, thus achieving a comprehensive education.

In primary school, children acquire more basic elements of culture, as well as learning related to oral and written communication, reading and maths.

As our children move forward year after year, they experience many transformations in the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and moral aspects; they also increase their learning, not only in the cognitive aspect, but also in the development of skills for Life, representing the beginning of their autonomy.

¡Jean Piaget Family is waiting you to enjoy together this wonderful scholar stage!

Best regards,

Mrs. Brenda Ruiz Gómez

High Primary Coordinator
(from 4th. to 6th. grade)