ID 27PJN0083R

Letra Jardín

8:00 a 13:15 hrs.


  • ¡Ven y conócenos!
    ¡Ven y conócenos!

Key programs

    The aim of this is to develop the ability to speak, read and write productively, supporting in a variety of graphomotor activities, storytelling, reading comprehension, and others.
    It’s a teaching method that part from the global to the particular, focused on the acquisition of literacy by identifying sentences, words and syllables.
    It’s a Constructivist educational method that let the student to build up and to discover mathematical notions by themselves through didactic manipulative resources such as Cuisenaire rods and geoboards, through which the students have the possibility to apply the mathematical thinking with a level abstraction according to their grade.
    It’s objective is to develop the motor possibilities, expressive and creative from the body, leading him to focus the activity and interest in the movement, which complement the physical education program (PE) in giving strength to the muscles, music and Movement work to develop their ability to express themselves and interact in the world in which they operate and finally swimming class; that provides all the necessary coordination for a good integral development in the child.


Our staff is composed of qualified teachers in education who are in constant training, some of them have bilingual preparation (English teachers). The academic environment is based on the promotion of values, respect and much love and dedication to our teaching.