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Outcome profile

The curriculum map in Basic Education establishes 6 areas of learning in which the content and skills to work are based and develop in preschool.

Areas of learning Communication, language and literacy Problem solving reasoning and numeracy Knowledge and understanding of the world Physical development Personal, social and emotional development Creative development
Subjects for each area of learning Spanish
Reading Comprehension
Math Social Sciences and Natural sciences
Computing (3°)
E. Física
Emotional Intelligence. Rhytms, songs and games
Habilities that work in Kindergarten Use of italics and scrip.
Development the interest for reading to initiate the practice of writing through the following methods: MINJARES and KATZ-KATZ
*Arouse the joy of learning a new language through songs, stories and games.
Recognize the different use of numbers.
Develop temporal and spatial mathematical notions supported with the use of concrete material base on constructive methodology of teaching mathematics. (CIME)
Approach to science with scheduled visits along the scholar year to our laboratories.
Ecological education directed to form responsible persons in taking care of the environment.
Integrating these three subjects, we work the motor area which is an essential aspect in the children development in preschool. Develop in our students the ability to perceive and recognize their own and others emotions so, they can achieve their expression and regulation in the different ambits of life. Develop sensitivity, spontaneity, imagination, creativity and the development of capacities for interpretation and appreciation of artistic productions.

Actually our programs are strengthened with the "SANTILLANA COMPARTIR PROGRAM" which is a flexible teaching model that places the students to the center and provides training in the vanguard of education to our teachers, an environment enriched our students by implementing the use of various technological resources that facilitate the process of teaching and learning.