ID 27PJN0083R

Letra Jardín

8:00 a 13:15 hrs.


  • ¡Ven y conócenos!
    ¡Ven y conócenos!


In kindergarten we support our children to build their own knowledge and to develop different competences for their life, through a system that promotes meaningful learning through play and collaborative work with their peers, attending intellectual aspects, cultural, sports, ecological and social to achieve an integral education.

The education in preschoolers is a shared responsibility where is necessary that teachers and parents walk together forming a chain of linked hands to offer to each child the security of having a firm foundation and with a roof that doesn’t collapse despite the strength of the winds. In this way our children will find certainty in the model of their parents and teachers, and they will be able to see the possibilities that education can give them to achieve the height level that each one is able to reach.

Childhood, it’s a time of innocence, where there are very high steps and very tiny footprints.

It’s a magical place of dreams... where everything is possible and the best... is just beginning.

Childhood is to explore... to row... to arrive... to touch... to see... to taste... to hear... to smile and learn, but mainly: to grow.

Welcome to this big family, Jean Piaget,

We’ll wait for you!


Miss Teresa de Jesús Pulido Sala

Kindergarten Coordinator