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Letra Jardín

7:45 a 13:15 hrs.


  • ¡Ven y conócenos!
    ¡Ven y conócenos!

Events of the Jean Piaget High Shool

  • UNIVERSITIES ENCOUNTER: workshops, promotions and scholarships from the most prestigious universities.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL FORUM: magnum presentation of the microenterprises created by our students.
  • ECOJEANPI: project that aims to preserve our planet Earth.
  • COLORING LIVES: project focused on actions aimed to help the most vulnerable communities in our society.
  • MISS JEANPI: talent and beauty contest among our students, who are elected by their classmates. These ladies receive a professional preparation by experts in the field. This competition is held in a prestigious hotel. This event has a history of ten years.
  • LEGACY OF STARS: farewell party for our upcoming graduates, where they receive a special award for their efforts during High School.